Rom-coms 101: Find the perfect date night movie for every stage of your relationship


Nothing says date night like cuddling up with your cutie and cuing up Netflix (or even an old-fashioned DVD). Sometimes, though, it can be hard to tell what's appropriate for the stage of your relationship. The Notebook, for example? Not for the faint of heart...or a first date, unless he's the super sensitive type. Read on for our go-to guide for the perfect date night flick pick.
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    If you've been dating for ONE WEEK...


    Date Night

    You can't go wrong with Tina Fey, right? Speeding car chases and stolen identities mix with romance for an appropriately named date night thriller that’s sure to please—without being too sappy.

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    If you've been dating for ONE MONTH...

    Easy A

    This hilarious high school saga about a good girl gone “bad” is perfect for a laugh with your semi-serious BF. Its all-too-real glimpse into the teenage experience is totally relatable, and the punchlines will keep you two cracking up all night.

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    If you've been dating for THREE MONTHS...


    Never Been Kissed

    This classic has everything you could ever want in a rom-com...especially the charming cheese factor. An adorable main character, a dreamy love interest, a dash of drama and some memorable scenes will give you and the boo something to quote for weeks after.

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    If you've been dating for SIX MONTHS...

    Valentine’s Day

    This star-studded V-day flick packs dozens of little love stories into a 24-hour span. By this point, you're totally cool with crying around your cutie....which is good, because you’ll be so invested in each plotline that we promise you’ll be tearing up by the end.

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    If you've been dating for A YEAR OR MORE...

    Definitely, Maybe

    This adorable bedtime story that a dad tells his daughter is a little more serious and snuggle-worthy, perfect for anyone in an LTR. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll love every minute.


by Samantha Max | 2/1/2016