6 little signs your crush is crushing right back

You've been doodling his name in your notebook for weeks, girl—it's time to make a move. Chances are you want to wait to ask him out until you're *sure* he likes you too, but how can you tell? Check it out...

1. He finds little ways to talk to you.

Does he walk you to class even though he's in the other hall? Pop by your table at lunch even if it's just to chat about class? He might be into you.

2. He talks to his friends about you.

If you mention something about your life (like your trip to Florida last week) and his friends nod in recognition—or even better, say something like "Oh, yeah, Chris told us you were there...",  that's a super good sign.

3. He acts interested in the things that he knows you like.

Okay, so maybe he doesn’t love “Dance Moms,” but he did Snap you a pic of it when his mom was watching. If he shows interest in your interests or seems to notice the littlest things about you, chances are he's thinking about you just as much as you're thinking about him.

4. You two talk A LOT.

If you're chatting at school, texting over the weekend and swapping Snaps nightly, he clearly likes talking to you—even if it doesn't seem outwardly flirtatious.

5. He steers you into one-on-one sitches.

Chatting in a group and he turns and makes it a two-person convo? Grabbing food at the mall and he suggests you two hit up somewhere different in the court? It's super subtle, but he's clearly trying to carve out a little couple time.

6. He always looks nice when he's with you.

This one is a little harder to judge—some guys always look pretty nice. But if he's a sweats-loving dude and pops on a button-down and jeans for study group at your house, chances are he's dressed to impress.

What are you waiting for? Go for it!

How can you tell if a dude is crushing? Would you ever ask your crush out? Let us know below!


by Christina Mattera | 2/1/2016