What to do when he says he loves you...but you're so not ready

Dear Carol,
My BGF, who I have been crushing on for about a year, has told me he loves me. He’s really sweet and has so much in common with me. I want to believe him, but I’m also concerned that he is taking the word too lightly. Should I ask him? How?

Dear Love?,

“Love” means different things to different people; some people say “Love ya,” at the end of every phone call, and some hardly ever say the word. But wait, you’ve been crushing on a guy who likes you back? Let’s remember that yours is mostly a wonderful situation, not a crisis, OK? For now, either enjoy all these good feelings and don’t say “I love you” back, or explain that you're really happy that you're going out, but that you just can’t use the L-word yet because it feels so adult and serious. I bet he'll be okay with that.

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by Carol Weston | 1/22/2018