Songs of sadness for when you feel forever alone


It's nearly Valentine's Day and we've got a whole week of crush-worthy content, starting with these sweet Valentine's Day playlists. Check it out.

Sometimes the post-break-up sadness is so real that you doubt you'll ever feel happy again. Sometimes your crush doesn't like you back and it's easy to imagine that no one ever will. The truth is that everyone feels this way sometimes, and that though you may feel forever alone, you never are. Still, it can take time to heal—and sometimes you just want to wallow. When pep talks from your girls or your parents just aren't doing the trick, it's time to turn to your favorite artists and remember that they know exactly how you feel. Next time you're down in the dumps, just put on our playlist of songs for the girl who might be sad and single, but is definitely not alone.

What songs do you blast when you're feeling blue?


by Angela McLean | 2/11/2016