Dear Carol: Is online dating ever okay?


Dear Carol, 

I met a boy my age in an online game. Now we message each other all the time, but  I don’t know if I should stop talking to him. My parents don’t know about him and I don’t want them to. I really like him and he likes me a lot, too.

- Online Dater

Dear Online Dater,

When you don’t want your parents to know something, that’s your gut warning you what you’re up to is probably not a good idea. You’ve heard this before, but the problems with girls who  Internet date is that 1) you are falling for a stranger, 2) the stranger might be twice your age as well as trouble and 3) you’re spending precious energy staring at a screen instead of hanging with classmates, studying so you can end the year on a strong note or volunteering for a good cause. Spring is coming soon, so go offline and, if possible, enjoy the outdoors.

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by Dear Carol | 2/24/2016