"Help! I'm speechless around my crush"


We all know the situation: You go up to talk to a cutie, but when you open your mouth, nothing comes out. You forget where you are, what day it is, even your own name. You’re mortified!

We totally understand the struggle. Being speechless around your crush is a common problem. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks to help ya out.

Start simple
Ditch the cheesy pick-up lines and lengthy declarations of love. If you run into your crush in the hall, smile and say, “Hey!” If you’re sitting next to each other, ask your crush some questions like, “What did you do this weekend?” or “Are you going to the basketball game on Friday?” or “Have you seen Black Panther?” If you have mutual interests, bring those up. The idea here is to ease into talking to your crush by sticking to uncomplicated topics of conversation. Even just saying hello is a step in the right direction.

Practice makes perfect
We don’t recommend standing in front of your mirror and having conversations with your reflection—unless that works for you of course. However, talking to more people will help you overcome your anxiety and nerves in any situation. Try to make a point to talk to three new people everyday until it feels normal. Eventually, talking to people will become routine, a habit, so when you see your crush, chatting will be no big deal. If you’re really scared, a public speaking class might be the push you need to overcome your fear of talking.

Confidence is key
There’s nothing wrong with being confident (thanks Demi!) so believe in yourself. Hold your head high, walk with a purpose and look your crush in the eye when you smile. You’re an amazing girl with so much to offer, and anyone would be lucky to talk to you. Share your thoughts, opinions, hopes and dreams, because trust us, other people want to hear what you think.

Keep calm and carry on
If you stumble or slip, don’t beat yourself up. It happens to the best of us. Try to think about it this way: You’ll have a funny embarrassing story to tell afterwards. And if your crush is as great as you think, they will understand and accept you, even if you struggle to talk. Just keep trying, and you’ll get there. We believe in you and know you can do it.

What are your tips for speaking to your crush? Let us know in the comments!


by Morgan Ome | 3/25/2019