How to stay in touch with your crush over summer break

Summer break is here and you love having the time to relax poolside, but you can’t help but wonder what your crush is up to. It was so easy to flirt everyday during algebra, but without your coinciding class schedules that's nearly impossible. How exacly are you supposed to keep in touch with now?

Text him.

Fortunately we live in an age where you can be in constant communication with someone if you want to be, so take advantage of having the opportunity to stay updated on your crush’s life! Shoot him a text every now and then to show him you’re still interested and to let him know you’re thinking of him. 

Invite him to join your plans.

Just because school’s over doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with your crush anymore, so invite him to hang out with you and your group of friends this summer. If you all are hitting the pool for the day, see if he wants to tag along. Or if your crew is going mini golfing, be sure to let him know he’s welcome to join. This way you’ll have the chance to hang out with your best friends and the cutie you’ve had your eye on at the same time. He might even start inviting you to hang out with him and his friends when they all get together. 

Send him a selfie on Snapchat.

Social media is another great way to keep up with people even when you can’t be with them as often. Send him a Snap of your fave vacay spot, of you and your dogs, or anything else that might start a conversation. Plus you'll get to see his face and feel like you’re not too far away from him. 

Ask him out already!

If you’re feeling adventurous and confident, ask out your crush! Why not get a little one-on-one time while the weather is warm and you have a ton of free time? Pick a place you both want to spend time together and just enjoy getting to know him better without the stress of school looming overhead. Who knows what it could lead to by the time September rolls around? 

How have you been keeping in touch with your crush this summer?


by Sarah Fritz | 7/6/2016