Dudes decoded: Is your crush crushing on you?

One of the most nerve-wracking feelings in the world is not knowing if your crush likes you. You spend so much time daydreaming about how cute you would be together and every time he walks past, you get butterflies. You want to know if he feels the same, but you aren’t sure how to figure it out. Should you get your besties to ask him? Should you ask his buds? Should you Snapchat him a cute selfie and see how he responds? Well, you can make any one of those moves, but if you're not ready to take such a bold step just yet, you can keep an eye out for one of these four things that may indicate he's into you *just* like you're into him.

He makes a point to spend time with or near you.
Do you find that he is always around you? If he is spending time with you rather than someone else, this means that he enjoys being in your presence. Also, when he is spending time with you, what's his body language like? Does he seem super closed off, or is he open and friendly? 
Another thing to note is his proximity to you—how close or far away from you your crush places himself can say a lot about how comfortable he is with you. 

He pays a lot of attention to you.
Do you catch him looking at you? Is he making frequent eye contact? Maybe he's staring off into space, or maybe he's lookin' at you, babe! It's a fine line, though. To figure it out, try this: focus on something other than him for a while, then, every so often, take a quick glance his way. If you catch him looking at you, you are likely on his mind.

He treats you differently than his other friends (guys *and* girls).
Does he give you special treatment? This could be done in so many ways: sharing his popcorn during a movie night with your pals, offering to ride that super scary ride with you at the carnival or getting you a box of your fave candies out of nowhere. If he is making you feel special, this is likely on purpose.

His friends associate you with him.
Do your friends and his friends think of the two of you as a pair? If his pals bump into you out and about, do they text your crush to let him know they saw you? If they do, this means that they associate you with him and that there’s a good chance he has talked about you.

What are other signs that a crush likes you? Share 'em in the comments below.


by Inaya Soudan | 4/18/2018
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