10 reasons why being single is awesome

People in relationships may tell you otherwise, but being a single girl is amazing. You can devote time to yourself, family and friends. You learn to be an independent, confident and happy person all on your own. Being single is not something to be embarrassed about—instead, embrace it! Here are our top ten reasons why being single is the best. 

1. You don’t have to deal with silly relationship drama.

While all of your friends are having arguments with their significant others, you're chilling out on your own. You’re the queen of cool and can’t be bothered with petty fights.

2. You can hang out with your guy friends—no questions asked.

Platonic friendships can be complicated sometimes when you’re in a romantic relationship. Not for you! You can hang with your BGF without any weirdness.

3. You can completely invest yourself in a relationship with your #1 celeb crush.

Oh, Shawn—sweet Shawn. He said he'll treat you better, and you *know* he's the one. However, if a real-life cutie comes along, you can get your flirt on and say yes to a date! 

4. Money you may have spent on dates can be saved (...or spent!).

Treat yo'self and go on a major shopping spree because you don’t have to spend your precious money on dinners, movies and presents. You can also save your moola for future use.

5. The only person you have to impress is yourself.

If you want to stay home and binge watch Netflix in your too-big sweatpants, you can! And when you do get glammed up, you do so because you want to, not because you feel pressured to.

6. There is no need to act interested in things that bore you.

Even the best boo will have interests that you can’t seem to understand, no matter how hard you try. While it is good to learn new things and see other points of view, you can take comfort in knowing that you don’t have to pretend to find a topic fascinating.

7. You can focus on becoming a #girlboss.

Whether you’re studying hard in school, working to be a boss like Michelle Obama or concentrating on landing a killer internship, be proud that you are prioritizing your education and career. In time, your hard work will pay off and you can run the world!

8. You don’t have to compromise or share all the time.

See that indie rom-com flick and order that everything pizza with extra cheese to eat while you watch, all without having to coordinate or consult another person. You can do exactly what you want, when you want to!

9. You get plenty of me-time.

It can be nice to have a sweetie to support you in good times and in bad, but being able to support yourself can be even more satisfying. Acknowledging and appreciating your own strengths and weaknesses will make you a confident chica who can take on any challenge.

10. You can get to know the most important person in your life: you.

As a single gal, you have the time and freedom to discover hidden interests and skills that you possess. You can put yourself and your needs first. And most importantly, you can figure out who you want to be and what you want to do.

What is the best part about being a single girl? Let us know in the comments!


by Morgan Ome | 11/30/2017
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