Read this before you lock lips with bae on the first date

You and your crush just got dinner together for the first time. The two of you chatted your way through chips and salsa, and the romantic feels were so real. You weren’t even close to being nervous…until you started wondering whether or not that good night kiss coming your way is a good idea. 

You’ve probably heard a ton about kissing on the first date. Some people have no problem with lockin’ lips after seeing each other for just a few hours. Others, however, press pause on anything past holding hands because they believe a kiss is a special something that should only be shared between daters who’ve seen each other several times. Still torn on the topic? Here’s why you shouldn’t stress about wanting (or not wanting) to kiss your crush. 

The rules of dating are just opinions
After a date, guys are supposed to wait three days before contacting their crushes. A girl should never text first, a guy should always pay for your meal and dating someone from your friend group is totally off-limits. What all of these dating rules have in common is that they’re not actually rules. Instead, they’re old opinions that continue to define the dating game. You’ll get in trouble for stealing a stop sign, but breaking a dating rule won’t land you behind bars.

The right moment could happen at *any* moment
There’s no telling when the perfect time for a first kiss will strike. While it could come around during date four or five, you might find yourself looking for a smooch halfway through your first date with your potential beau. It’s all about going with your gut. If you’re both feeling the timing, then don’t let the number of dates you’ve been on stop you from going for it.

Kissing isn’t wrong
It’s bio, baby! According to Live Science, humans kiss because it feels pretty darn good. “Our lips and tongues are packed with nerve endings, which help intensify all those dizzying sensations of being in love when we press our mouths to someone else's.” Kissing is a natural behavior for us, so it would be normal—not wrong—to think about doing it as a first date comes to a close. 

It’s your choice
At the end of the day (or, in this case, date), it all comes down to what you believe and what you feel comfortable with doing. Nobody has the right to judge you for a first date kiss. If dating rules had expiration dates, then this one would be like sour milk on a forgotten store shelf. People may preach it for years to come, but you have the power to do whatever you’d like with your dating life. 

Would you kiss on the first date? Let us know how you feel about dating rules!

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by Megan Sawey | 3/27/2018