What to do when you think your crush is too good for you

He’s the captain of the cross country team, a straight-A student and the most gorgeous guy you’ve *ever* laid eyes on. Basically, your crush has been everybody’s pick for prom king since pre-school. It’s no wonder why you feel like he’d only date you in your wildest dreams. Fortunately, you’ve got more of a chance with him than you think. If you’ve been telling yourself that your crush is out of your league, then it’s time to take on a new attitude. Here’s what you should do to change your mind and—fingers crossed!—land a new boo. 

Realize he’s *not* out of your league.
Before we go any further, let’s get this straight—your crush is NOT too good for you. In fact, no one’s too good for you. Not even Shawn Mendes (though you might have a hard time getting him away from his guitar...). The idea that your crush is somehow out of your league is kinda cooky because, as humans, we all belong to the same league.

Strengthen your self-confidence.
Of course, you’ll have a hard time seeing the truth in that if you can’t see the terrific things in yourself. The cause of “he’s too good for you” thoughts is a “you’re not good enough for him” mindset. TeensHealth offers some spot-on tips for turning around your self-doubt, treating your mistakes as minor bumps in the road and taking pride in your positions. Girl, it’s time to appreciate you!

Stop comparing yourself to others.
So, your crush has an impressive gang of girls in his life. His BFF is hilarious, and his ex has silky-smooth hair. Even his sister’s piano skills are enough to make you wish you’d fallen for an under-the-radar guy. Here’s the thing—your crush’s bestie isn’t funnier than you, his ex’s locks aren’t more luscious than yours and his sis doesn’t outshine you. It shouldn’t matter how many people he knows or what they have to offer because you bring your own amazing things to the table. 

Start introducing him to the *real* you.
Your crush won’t know about any of those things until you show him. Now, this isn’t about convincing him that you’re crushworthy. If you’ve conquered your confidence and kicked your comparisons to the curb, then you’ll be able to give him a truer feel for who you are because all that negativity will be out of the equation. Your personality shines when you believe in yourself, so he’ll definitely take notice. 

Ever crushed on a cutie who seemed out of your league? How did you handle the situation?


by Megan Sawey | 3/3/2018
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