News flash: It's *never* OK to dump someone via text

I really liked this one guy who was cute, popular and smart, and then we started dating! Almost all the girls liked him too, though. This never really bothered me; I assumed he would always remain loyal. But then one of my "best friends" (who also liked him) began telling me that he had done stuff like text her saying that she was beautiful and that he wanted to date her once we broke up. I though she was just trying to make me jealous, but I confronted him about it anyway. He said that it did happen and that I should get over it. I was so upset! But then I felt bad about our fight so I made him a huge gift basket with all his favorite things, and he promised to text me later. Well, after anticipating the text for over an hour, it came. "Welcome to Dumpsville, babe. Population YOU." That's all it said. As an extra punch, he had quoted that from a breakup text that was in an episode of The Bachelor, my favorite show!

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by GL | 11/5/2016