How to tell if your future boo has a crush on you too

Guys can be the worst at sending signals. Why? Well, no matter who you are, being open and showing emotion is usually perceived as being weak, something that society says isn't a good thing—especially when you're a boy. So, even when you ask a guy how they feel, they may shrug or give you a lackluster response. This *majorly* stinks when you're crushin' and can't figure out if the boy you like is crushin' back. Sometimes even when they do show how they feel, it can be difficult to decipher what they mean.

Here are the signs to look out for the next time you’re head over heels, but don’t know if he feels the same:

He laughs at all your jokes.

Even if you happen to say the same joke over and over and even if the joke isn't funny, he still gives you a genuine giggle.

He spends time with you just because.

Whether you’re walking around the mall, snapping selfies or just going to the grocery store, he wants to be there. Doesn’t matter what you do, or what time you do it, he simply enjoys being around you.

He does little things to show you that he cares.

Remember the time you said you loved mint chocolate ice cream and binge-watching The Flash? Well, he remembers and is sure to ask you about them or—better yet—bring you ice cream *while* you're watching it.

He knows your schedule just as well as you do.

Sometimes he just knows what you have to do that day, the homework you have or even how much time you’ll spend procrastinating instead of actually getting work done (because we all do it, LBH).

He likes to hang out with your friends.

A guy who can hang with you and your girls is what we'd call a keeper. Though he's excluded from 99 percent of the inside jokes you'll go on about (and knows it), his "if they're a friend of yours, they're a friend of mine" attitude is totally cute.

He texts first.

He sends little reminders that you are on his mind, like by sending gifs and memes he knows you'll lol over. At the very least, a “hey” or “how are you?” pop onto your screen every day. A simple text can say a lot!

He is always smiling.

If he's always cheesin' around you, it's not a coincidence. *You* make him happy, and he loves just spending time with you. The way he lights up when you’re around him is a surefire sign he's crushing on you too.

If you look out for these signs and you *still* aren't sure don’t be afraid to make the first move, girl. It's 2016—almost 2017!—and it's perfectly acceptable for girls to ask someone out if they like them. Besides, you won’t ever know for sure unless you take a risk.

Are you crushing on someone ATM who you aren't sure likes you back? Tell us about 'em in the comments.

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by Makaila Nichols | 12/20/2016
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