How to handle holiday heartbreak

Breakups are always awful, but this time of year? They’re even worse. With all the cheer in the air, decorations all over your home and your friends in relationships chatting about what presents they're getting their special someone, it can ruin your whole month.

If you think you’re alone in this situation, you’re wrong. The holiday season is actually a common time that couples drift apart, so if you look around you might find that others are going through the exact same thing that you are. As tough as this seems, there are definitely ways and reasons to smile again this season. 

1. Don’t get back together just for the holidays. 

It’s incredibly hard not to—especially if your ex is texting you hoping you’ll want to rekindle the flame—but remember that the reasons you two broke up still remain. Whether you ended things, they did or it was mutual, there was a problem in the relationship that at least one of you thought could not be fixed, so hold your ground. You are strong, you are independent and you can get through this!

2. Go holiday shopping for the people you love.

Like your parents who are there for you everyday, and your little brother—who is a pain in your butt—but can be OK sometimes. Your grandma, who will be pleasantly surprised by any gift you get her, and your bestie who answers your "I'm sad :(" text within a minute. Thinking of gifts that will blow them away (use our gift guides for help!) will be a good distraction. 

3. Write down five things you’re thankful for.

This is always a great exercise, especially in your situation and this time of year. Whether it’s your mom who always listens to you, your dog who curls up with you when you're feeling teary or even your diary, we're certain you have five things you’re super psyched to have in your life. 

4. Do some community service.

Turn your negative thoughts and energy into positive by helping other people. We have some great ideas of how you can assist the community, while helping yourself in the process.

5. Spend time with family.

As you’ll be chillin' at home for break very soon, this will be easy. Put your phone away and sit down with your family to watch a movie with some cookies and hot chocolate. This is the time that family is most important, and remembering that can help you go through the holidays with a smile on your face.

Will you use any of these tips for the holiday heartbreak? Tell us about it in the comments?


by Amy Garcia | 12/9/2017
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