The shy girl's guide to crushes: how to get your flirt on

Let's face it—summoning up the courage to talk (much less flirt) with your crush is hard, especially if you're already shy. You've probably been dying to start up a conversation with that special someone for ages, but the thought of it has been too nerve-racking to bear. You can barely let out a "Hello" when you have the chance and as soon as you see your crush approaching in the halls, you dart back into the bathroom like you're dodging a bullet. 

Learning how to overcome your awkwardness or shyness when it comes to dating doesn't have to be rocket science, though. It all comes down to being confident in yourself and having an optimistic attitude. Read on for helpful tips and tricks for flirting.

Start online or via text: If you're not even remotely ready to start flirting face-to-face, then doing so via text or social media will be much easier for you. Initiate a conversation through an Insta comment or Facebook message. Better yet, if you have your crush's number then send a text. When you are allowed the time to think about your response, it makes it all a lot less intimidating. Eventually, you'll feel more comfortable around them and you'll be prepared to flirt IRL. If you're totally unsure of what to say, ask them for their help or thoughts on an assignment to get the ball rolling and to make it feel less forced.

Keep it light: Don't go uber flirty—this is an *essential* tip. Trying too hard will make you seem uncomfortable and possibly send the wrong message. It's good to just try to relax and be natural about it. Forcing emotions is a no-no.

Ask questions: A wonderful way to get to know your crush and make them feel special is asking them fun questions. This is especially great if breaking the ice isn't one of your strong suits—directing the conversation on them is a simpler option. In general, people enjoy talking about themselves, so you can easily listen and make comments. You can even follow up their answer with your own and—just like that—you've got yourself a conversation. To start out, ask about their interests, a class or friend you have in common. 

Smile: Smiling is an integral part of flirting—it doesn't have to be a goofy, wide-eyed type of expression, but just being aware of the face you’re making is important. This helps in letting your crush know you're in a good mood and are enjoying his/her company, and is a perfect way to get the message across that you're interested, especially if you're not ready for physical contact, like touching their arm.

What other shy girl tips do you need? Let us know below!


by Cecelia Yost | 1/10/2019