5 ways to make sure your cutie's fam adores you

The chemistry between you and your BF/GF might be off the charts, making one-on-one time with them super easy. But when it comes to hanging out with their fam, we know things can get awk. It might seem impossible to impress them and have a good time all at once, but it’s not as hard as it seems. We’ve got some strategies to make sure you win over their family in a breeze. Check ‘em out!

Get informed.
Ask your S/O before hand for a little bit of insight into how their parents are. It’s good to know what they like and don’t like so you know what conversations to avoid and what conversations are A-OK. Gabbing about something they hate is a big no-no, trust us. But if you can kick it off with an awesome conversation that they’re totally engaged in, they’ll be sure to love you.

Ask questions.
No doubt their family is going to bombard you with tons of questions the first time you meet them, but make sure you’re asking some back. You don’t want to seem like you only want to talk about yourself and that you’re not interested in their lives, too. Plus, asking questions will show that you’re not shy or nervous, which will definitely have ya leaving a good impression.

Offer help.
Don’t just sit in the corner and watch their fam prepare dinner or clean it up. Offering help will show that you’re a down-to-earth gal, and it will show your manners. Not to mention, it will get you up out of your seat to get a break from any dreaded question asking they're doing.

Don’t show PDA.
Remember, although you and your BF/GF are super comfortable with one another, you're around a *lot* of their family members, so don’t go too crazy with the PDA. Think about it, would you like it if their sib started making out with their S/O right in front of you? We think not. It would just make things totally awkward and uncomfortable. While it’s awesome that you guys are crazy into each other, save it for when people aren’t around.

Be yourself.
It’s OK to be a little more polite than usual or show some manners you wouldn’t necessarily always have, but don’t go overboard. There’s a fine line between being nice and being fake. It’ll be hard to keep up with an act the entire time you’re hangin’ with their fam, and it will most definitely be obvious. So just be honest and be yourself. It’ll be more than enough.

Are you meeting your S/O's fam this holiday season? Do you feel nervous, excited, both? Sound off below.

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by Lindsey Silken | 12/18/2017