How one girl showed her sexist classmates who's boss

Last year I took a brutal chem class. I, like most of my classmates, had a hard time with our weekly quizzes. Once I got a perfect score on a tough quiz. When these three sexist jerks asked who got the highest grade and I said me, they said "What? YOU got the highest grade? A girl? How is that possible?!" Wow. Science might not be my strongest subject (English is), but I know I'm smart and I was not going to let a bunch of chauvinistic chumps get me down. When it came time for our fourth term grades, I was on the border of getting an A, which was epic in that class. My chem teacher told me if I got an A on the final exam, he'd bump me up to an A for my fourth term grade. I studied like crazy and wouldn't you know it: I got the third highest test grade in the class! I got my A and I put those boys in their place.


by GL | 8/27/2019