Need date ideas for Valentine's Day? We've got you covered!

Did your sweetie ask you on a Valentine’s Day date? Maybe you asked him or her? Or it's possible you’ll just be chilling with your girls on February 14. Either way, you’re going to need some fab plans to celebrate the Day of Love. You don’t have to go the traditional route with dinner and a movie—have fun with it! We’ve rounded up 13 date ideas for you and your sweet Valentine so you can do just that.

Play mini golf. Show your Valentine you’ve got game with a trip to play indoor or outdoor mini golf. If you aren’t great at getting a hole-in-one, use this as an opportunity to ask your cutie for some help. It’s the perfect way to flirt without trying too hard. 

Get coffee. A date shouldn't be complicated! If you and your crush aren't as comfortable around each other yet, but you still want to spend the day with him or her, grab a cup of coffee. You can play 21 questions, sip on your latte and fall even further for your sweetie. 

Watch a movie. This one may not seem very original, but it’s a classic! Buy tickets to a movie the two of you wanted to see, or even stream your fave movie from Netflix. Pop a bag of yummy buttery popcorn and relax on the couch after a long day at school. 

Have an indoor picnic. The weather hasn’t been the greatest lately, so unfortunately a sunset picnic is out of the question (unless you live somewhere warm!). Don’t let that stop you from making a pair of PB&J’s to munch on during an indoor picnic. Grab a soft blanket and pack a basket full of snacks (try this recipe!) to hang out with your Valentine. Anywhere from the living room to indoor patio works, just be sure to respect your parents’ rules.

Go on a scavenger hunt. If you’re looking for a little adventure, this one’s for you. Make a list of items or places, grab your sweetie and hunt them down! Don’t forget to take a picture of the two of you at each location or with each item when you find it. It’s the perf photo opp and you can make a mini scrapbook when you’re done to remember your awesome date.

Jump around an indoor trampoline park. Find your closest indoor trampoline park, like SkyZone, and have a blast on your date while you exercise. Not only are trampoline parks crazy fun, but it’ll give you an opportunity to show off your perfect backflip from years in cheer or gymnastics. 

Have a game night. Not looking to drop a lot of money on coins or tokens for game machines at the arcade? Stay in. Playing Apples to Apples, Mario Kart or Monopoly is inexpensive and packs a lot of fun.

Go on a bike ride. If your Valentine’s Day weather *isn’t* below freezing, consider grabbing your bikes and going for a ride through a park. It’s great to get fresh air, just make sure to bundle up.

Bake cookies. What’s better than sharing food with someone you like? Search Pinterest for some delish cookie recipes you and your cutie can bake together. Don’t forget the milk!

Host a bonfire. If you’re looking for a way to snuggle up to your Valentine, have your parents create a bonfire for you in your backyard. This date idea is perfect for a double date or even a group of your girls. Just find a bunch of blankets, make some s’mores and you're all set. 

Paint pottery. Are you and your Valentine creative? Head to a ceramics studio and paint custom mugs together. You'll have tons of time to talk and bond while you work on your masterpieces. Once your piece is fired, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to take a trendy Insta pic. 

Skate your heart out. Feeling nostalgic? Check out your local roller rink. You’ll feel like you’re walking on air when they play the “couple's only” song and your cutie grabs your hand. *swoon*

Cook dinner together. Instead of blowing tons of money at an expensive restaurant, opt to stay in and make your own meal. You and your Valentine can each chip in and make a dish to create the ultimate delish dinner!

What're you doing this V-Day? Heading out with your sweetie or staying in with your girls? Let us know below!

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by Jacqueline Burnett | 2/10/2017