10 group date ideas that your BF *and* your BFF will love

Want to spend time with bae *and* your bestie? Maybe you’re feeling shy about talking to your crush, or you want your BFF to get to know your BF better—group dates are the perfect solution! Doing something in a group is a fab way to put less pressure on a date, bond with your crush and your friends and have a great time while doing it. Try one of the group date ideas below to plan the day of your dreams!

Cheer on your school’s team
On top of being free for students, school sporting events are the perfect place to take the pressure off a date and put it on the game instead. Unlike the movies, you can talk to your friends and date without getting shushed, so don’t be afraid to cheer as loudly as you can with your bae!

Make a laser tag love connection
No one will be left out in this action-packed Friday night date! Name your team something ridiculous and have fun chasing each other around all night.

Play a round of mini golf
Even if you haven’t mastered getting that perfect hole-in-one, you can still have a blast playing a round or two of this tricky game with your squad.

Have a karaoke or game night in
This date can be completely free if you want! Set up karaoke on your TV or grab some old games from your basement for instant Friday night date night fun with all your friends. You can even ask your friends and crush to bring their favorite games and snacks to your house.

Pizza and a movie night
Have bunch of your fave movies queued up when friends arrive at your house. Then, take a vote on what to watch first once they arrive!

Try ice skating
Indoor or outdoor rink? It doesn’t matter as long as your crush and friends are there!

Have a beach or pool day
When the weather warms up (or if you're going somewhere sunny for spring break), bring chairs, a volleyball, snacks and plenty of SPF for a cheap, beachy BF/BFF date.

Bond over bowling
Bowling is such a fun way to get to know your friends and crush! Get food at the bowling alley, play the arcade games in the lobby after and you have a foolproof group date. Check to see if your local bowling alley has glow-in-the-dark bowling, too. It’s extra fun!

Have a scavenger hunt
Make a list of things commonly found at a mall, park or any other place nearby that you can go with your group. Divide into teams, take pictures of each item and see who gets to the finish line first!

Check out a concert
Find a local band that’s playing for free, or get your group to save their after school job money up for PrettyMuch tix. Whatever you do, make an event of it with homemade T-shirts, carpooling to the venue and a post-concert dinner.

Have you been on a group date? Tell us in about it in the comments!


by Emily Cavanagh | 5/5/2018