7 easy ways to flirt without saying a word

We talk all the time, but a *lot* of the communicating we do isn't actually with words—it's nonverbal. So what does that mean when you're chatting with a sweetie you like? Your crush can tell if you like them, not based on what you say, but by small gestures and movements, aka body language. So when you’re flirting, it's good to be aware of the mannerisms you use because, believe it or not, it’s tells your crush a lot. Here are a few subtle tricks to show you’re interested.

Touch his arm. If you’re laughing at a joke he just told, placing your hand on his shoulder shows him that you like having him near—and that you think he's funny, of course.

Make eye contact. Keeping eye contact means that you’re listening and genuinely interested.

Practice good posture. Sitting up straight shows you’re confident and you want him to talk to you. Slouching shows lack of interest and crossing your arms can be a defensive position. Translation: He will think you don’t want him around.

Smile. Showing your pearly whites is open and welcoming and shows that you enjoy his company. 

Lean in. Getting close to him makes everything a little more personal. Face his direction to show you’re into him.

Fiddle with your hair. When people are nervous, they fidget. So when you coyly run your hands through your hair or flip it behind your shoulder, he’ll notice.

Raise your brows. You probably do it without noticing, but when you see something you like (like a cute guy) you raise your eyebrows slightly. Keeping them slightly raised for a moment longer shows how expressive you are. Plus, he might get the idea you think he’s cute, which is the whole point of flirting! 

Have you ever tried any of these flirty moves? Did they work for you? Sound off below!


by Hannah Hicklen | 3/12/2017