How to deal when your boyfriend's BFF is a girl

Sometimes the most difficult thing about a relationship is dealing with your BF’s friends. You want them to like you but at the same time, you hate sharing your cutie.

It can be even *more* difficult if your BF's best friend is a girl. There's that extra layer of paranoia when there's a possibility his bestie has feelings for him or vice versa. How do you handle a situation like that? Well, here are eight things you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to your guy’s female friends.

Do get to know her
If you actually talk to her and see how she acts around him, it will probably make you feel better. Ask your BF to introduce you or even if you could tag along when he hangs out with her next. He will be delighted to see that you are trying to get to know his pal.

Don’t assume the worst
In the same way that you hang out with guy friends he can have female friends without getting romantically involved. Don’t read into the situation and assume anything. That could turn something harmless into an issue that could potentially cause problems in your relationship. 

Do be nice
When you're around her, stay cool. Be yourself and act like you normally would when meeting someone new. Throw in some extra kindness, too, for good measure.

Don't get jealous
Jealousy looks bad on everyone and you’ll drive yourself crazy being envious of their relationship. Put yourself in his shoes—if you had or have a best guy friend you wouldn’t want him acting jelly, would you?

Do hang without your BF
Once you feel comfortable around her, try and hang out with her without your BF and forge a friendship. You may find that you have more than just a guy in common and make a new bestie. Bonus: She probably knows some juicy facts about him that you don't know.

Don’t be manipulative
Keep your inner Regina George safety tucked away. While it might seem easier to spread lies about her and convince your BF to stop being her friend that is not the right thing to do nor is it kind to your BF or the girl who he cares about. 

Don’t keep all his time
As his girlfriend, you are definitely entitled to a ton of your BF’s time, but not all of it. You shouldn’t try and keep him from spending time with his friends, no matter their gender.

Do communicate
You need to be truthful with your BF about how you feel. If you aren’t comfortable with him texting her when you’re together or something similar, tell him straight up. Above all else, trust your BF. Remember: you're the one he chose to date.

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by Maddie Smith | 4/19/2017
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