8 ways to get your mom to love your bae just as much as you do

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you might be thinking about ways show a little extra love to the most important woman in your life. But how do you balance your relationship with your mom and your significant other, especially when she’s definitely not their #1 fan? Here are eight easy tips to sway your mom’s harsh feelings toward bae. 

1. Talk it out     
Communication is essential to any healthy relationship, whether that be with your parents, friends or significant others. Try sitting down with your mom and having an open conversation about her concerns, what exactly you like about your BF/GF and, most importantly, explain why it's important to you that she give them a chance. 

2. Give bae some hints
It’s safe to say that your significant other probably cares about getting on your mom’s good side just as much as you do! Tell them about your mom’s hobbies, favorite TV shows or books, what types of music she listens to or any stories that help bae get a better sense of her personality. You want them to feel comfortable around her! 

3. Find a common interest and exploit it
Try and find something fun that both your mom and significant other love to do, and find a time to do it together. Spending time with your partner’s parents doesn’t have to be awkward or stressful, and especially if it’s an activity that everyone involved loves (like board games or watching a movie), it’s much easier to focus on the positives of the experience. 

4. Ask her questions
Ever wonder about mom’s crazy crush stories? Now’s the perfect time to ask! Maybe she’ll remember a time when her parents weren’t too fond of one of her significant others and it will help her put things into more reasonable perspective. 

5. Arrange a casual run-in 
If you and your sweetie usually do your own thing when they come over, try spending time with your fam. Go hang out or cook something in the kitchen while mom’s there, or see if there’s a TV show or movie on that you could all watch together. 

6. Don't take it personally
Instead of getting defensive and arguing with your mom, realize that everyone is entitled to have their own feelings about people. Just because she doesn’t love your girl or guy doesn’t mean that they’re a terrible person or that you can’t be together. Once you truly believe that mom’s opinions are not worth ruining your relationship, find a way to calmly and politely explain this to her.

7. Don't lie
Even if your mom isn’t too thrilled with the idea of you spending so much time with your sweetie, don't sneak around. It’s important that she knows that she can trust you, even if it means giving up a few date opportunities. Don’t feel guilty for bailing on your significant other—just talk to them and explain that spending time doing your own thing is important too! 

8. Give her time
It’s not so often that you meet someone and instantly click. Your mom might just need some time to adjust to the idea of you being in a relationship, especially if you haven’t been together for very long. Whether it’s simply the idea of her little girl starting to grow up that’s throwing her off, or there’s something in particular that she dislikes about your significant other, at the end of the day, don’t try and force your mom to like them.

Has your mom ever tried to cut off your cutie? Share you stories in the comments below!

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by Allie Burrows | 5/12/2017