Help! I don't know what to get my BF for his birthday

Buying gifts for anyone is hard, let alone your sweetie. When it comes to his birthday, there is an important balance to strike between thoughtful and over doing it.

Wanna know the secret formula to the perfect gift? Add your best memories plus his favorite things minus the amount time you've been together, and there ya go! But for those who don't consider math their strongest subject (uh, me!) we've got a cheat sheet for the best B-day gifts to get your main dude or lady. 

1-3 months 
If you're a newbie couple, it's best to get your guy something that doesn't break the bank ($25 and under is a cool budget) but is still charming. A gift card to his favorite restaurant or a cute coupon book would both do the trick! Or, you can throw together a basket of her fave snacks and candy just to show that you have been paying attention.

4-6 months 
If you're nearing the six month range you should know your babe pretty well by now, so now dishing out a few more dollars for his or her birthday is totally OK. That cool pair of headphones she's had her eye on or the iPhone case he's been lusting over are both good buys. Want something out of the box? A fun way to create a cool spin on a simple gift is customization. For example, if your sweets is an athlete, nab their Swell after practice and take it in to get engraved. Super sweet!

6 months to a year
After passing the major six-month milestone, adding dollar signs is a good idea, but don't feel like you should go over $100 if you don't have the dough. Getting tickets to see his favorite band or her fave sports team is an awesome way to treat your bae and spend time with them, too! If there's a jacket he's been wanting or pair of shoes she's been dreaming about, those would each be great gifts that are guaranteed to please your sweetie and maybe even win you GF of the year!

Are you a gift giving expert? Tells us what's the best gift you've given your guy for his birthday!

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by Karlyn Sykes | 5/29/2017