Your first date lookbook: You'll love these fun and flirty summer looks!

With summer comes a *lot* of serious decisions. Like what book you should read at the pool today, which playlist you should jam to in the car and what suit you should rock at the beach vacay. On the real, though, what you wear on your first date of the summer should be given a bit of consideration. Whether you are going on a lowkey first date to a cute coffee shop or out to dinner with your dashing dude, you'll look fab in these five trends at each outing.

1. Off-the-shoulder dress: You can NEVER go wrong with a cute off-the-shoulder dress. With ruffles, too, it's a simple piece that'll bring out your flirty side. Top it off with some cute and dainty jewelry and even a hat if it's sunny. 

2. High waisted shorts: These are the #1 must-have piece for anything you do this season. Dress them up with a cute flowy top and some gladiator sandals. If you are going somewhere where comfort is key (aka an amusement park or a picnic) switch the sandals up for some sneakers. 

3. Denim skirt: We've all seen the denim mini dressed up, but you can definitely dress it down, too. Here's how to do both. Going up? A floral, flowy top tucked in with pretty espadrilles is a great combo. To go down, grab a graphic tee (or hoodie, if you're star gazing on a chilly summer night) with sneakers.

4. Romper: Year after year, rompers continue to prove their versatility. Wear 'em to a day date at the beach, to a museum with a jean jacket or to a movie (with a cardi, of course). No matter what, you're bound to be super comfy. 

5. Maxi or midi dress: This is the essential piece for a dinner date with bae. This denim style, paired with wedges, creates a looks that's instantly classy and fab!

What would you wear on a first date? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo credit: Liv Purvis, Zaful, Pinterest

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by Aarti Sharma | 6/4/2017