7 ways to get flirty this school year

School can be the *perfect* time to talk to that cutie you’ve been crushing on since last year. After all, you look great thanks to your new BTS outfits and you have tons of LOL-worthy stories to tell from your amazing summer vacay. We’ve come up with seven awesome ways to get the convo going no matter where you are. 

In class
You spend most of the day in class, so, naturally, it’s the perfect place to finally get to know that cutie. Plus, there are *so* many ways to get the convo going in the classroom. Ask him for help solving that tricky Trig problem your teacher just put on the board, or see if she wants to make a study group for your English test. Once you’ve broken the ice and become friendly with each other, try talking about other topics. 

On the bus
Some people like to study or listen to music on the bus, but if that cutie you’ve been curious about spends their ride chatting, then go for it! If there’s an open seat next to them, snag it. Try asking about their classes or see if they're planning on going to the big football game. If the convo gets awkward, loop your bus buds in the convo to help you out.

In the hall
Chatting in the hall is the perfect way to get in a quick-but-flirty convo. If she's at her locker, just stop by and ask her how she’s doing. Did she tell you she has a test next period? Wish her luck! A hallway stroll is also the perfect way to keep your convo going after class ends. 

In the cafeteria
If your crush joins the lunch line right behind you, give him a rec of what’s the best food on the menu. If he’s a funny guy, crack him up by joking about the inedible pizza that everyone stays away from. Or, did you spot your sweetie while headed to your table? Stop by and say hi!

At the pep rally
Pep rallies are beyond fun. You get to dress up and spend time with your *entire* school. If you find yourself near your bae, challenge him to see who can cheer louder. If there’s any pep rally games, volunteer the two of you to play tug of war!

In the library
If it looks like they're hardcore studying, don't bother them. But if they're goofing off with their friends, try heading over to say hi. A flirty reprimand about being too loud in the library could be just the thing to make him LOL. 

On a field trip
It’s your lucky day: you and your boo are in the same field trip group! You get to spend all day strolling around a museum or exploring a cool new place. Point out that cool new exhibit or ask if she wants to check it out with you. 

How will you talk to your crush this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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by Maddie McGee | 9/14/2017