Don't let a boy convince you you're "friendzoning" him

Have you ever been in a situation where a guy likes you likes you, but you just don’t see him *that* way? Sometimes this is called the “friendzone”—meaning one person likes another, but the other person only wants to be friends. 

It's possible you've been in that very situation, and there's no denying that it's zero fun feeling like you've rejected someone. But on the other hand, there's also no denying your own feelings, so if you don't like like a boy, there's no obligation to date him.

But, you might notice that boys sometimes complain about being put into the friendzone, as if they're being treated unfairly. Sometimes guys might think that if they’re nice to you, hold doors open for you or help you with your homework, there should be no reason why you wouldn’t want to date them. But here's something you should remember: You don’t owe a boy anything just because he's nice to you, and being just friends with a girl is nothing to complain about.

If a guy is complaining about just being your friend, maybe he’s not as nice as he seems. Why? Because once you get over the feelings of rejection, the friendzone isn’t a bad place to be. Friendship is great. If a guy truly likes you, he should want to hang out with you. He should appreciate who you are and think you’re cool. He should want to be your friend. Though maybe he wanted to date you and his feelings might be a little hurt at first, he should think being your friend is also pretty awesome.

If a boy is nice to you, be nice back. Be his friend if you want to. Be his girlfriend if you want to. But don’t date a boy just because he complains about being in the friendzone—a good guy would be happy to be your friend. 

Has a boy ever complained about you “friendzoning” him? Let us know in the comments.

by Paige Sheffield | 10/17/2018
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