If you and your BFF have ever crushed on the same cutie, you need these GIFs

Crushes are hard enough as is, but when you realize you and your bestie like the same person, things can get a little crazy. How can the two of you decide who can have the cutie if the both of you are totally head over heels for them?

Imagine this: The new kid is at your school sits next to you at lunch and the two of you hit it off.

Not only are they funny and easy to talk to, but they’re totally gorgeous.

You get so excited to talk to them every day and you may even get a little nervous when they’re around. Then that’s when you realize it: You have a crush.

You gush about how dreamy your crush is to your BFF and she’s so excited for you!

When you tell your bestie their name, she tells you that that’s the person she’ been crushing on, too! Uh oh!

You both try to figure out the best way to decide who should get to go after them.

You may even argue because you think you deserve to be with your crush. Obvs.

You realize that realistically neither of you can go after your crush if you both have strong feelings for him/her. Someone would definitely end up hurt.

So you make a pact that they are off limits. Even though it totally hurts.

As sad as you are, you’re happy to know that your friendship strong enough to make it through everything, even when you guys are crushing on the same hottie.

Have you and your BFF ever crushed on the same person? How did it turn out? Let us know in the comments!


by Katlyn Pierre | 11/8/2017