5 deal breakers to consider before getting into a relationship

Meeting someone new and getting into a relationship can be so exciting yet simultaneously nerve-wracking. At times, the thought of having a new crush who you think is *such* a cutie can be so thrilling that you forget to look out for the personality traits, aka the warning signs, that tell you, “maybe they’re not the one.” Here are some deal breakers to look out for when thinking of going to the next level with someone.

They do not know how to communicate

Communication is a major key to a successful relationship. When two people are getting to know each other, there's no way one can know what is going on inside the other one's head. If your crush ignores you when they’re upset and refuses to tell you why (but their actions are very clear), or goes a few days without speaking to you rather than telling you what’s going on, it may be time to let them go.

They are inattentive


On top of getting ghosted, imagine trying to talk to your crush while they constantly focus on other things. Talk about disaster! Having to repeat yourself can get annoying, especially if they do not seem interested. If you find yourself repeatedtly trying to get their attention, dump them!

They are disrespectful to authority and their parents

Having respect of those around you is important in making sure that each person is treated kindly. But when your crush lacks respect for authoritative figures, that could be a major problem. If they are contstantly causing trouble at school, rebelling against their parents or feel entitled, run! A person who refuses to respect their parents (of good conscious) is someone who you do not want to mess with.

They make mean jokes about you and others

Any form of bullying is not OK. Words are powerful, they can either uplift you or be hurtful. If your crush considers "stupid," "ugly," "dummy" and more as pet names, don't tolerate any of it! Find someone who has nothing but nice, kind things to say about you. If they don't call you mean things, but you catch them laughing at others and the characteristics they cannot change about themselves, do not tolerate any of that either. Let them know that bullying is not funny and if they refuse to change, walk away.

They only care about themselves

In a relationship, you are supposed to care for each other. There needs to be a balance with attention and compromising to fit each person's wants. If your crush is only focused on what they want and always find a way to make sure that they get it, it's probably time to also focus on yourself and not be in a relationship with that person.

What are some other deal breakers that you use to weed out the bad ones? Let us know in the comments below!


by Toyin Akinwande | 2/16/2018
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