This well-versed sweetie helped a GL reader in the *best* way

There is this guy in my English class that's so sweet and considerate. I have the *biggest* crush on him. One day in class, we had to stand up in front of everybody and read a poem out loud...from memory! My crush and I got in early that day and he thought the poem I chose was so cool. When it was my turn to read I got up to the podium and FORGOT THE TITLE. I was petrified and the teacher wasn't helping me. I saw my crush in the back mouthing 'a dog is a dog' over and over again. I quickly recited that—and buzzed through the poem. When I was finished, my crush was still clapping even after I had got back to my seat and the teacher called the next person up. He's such a sweetie!


by GL | 4/19/2019