10 things you should *stop* doing when you have a new crush

You are sooo into your new crush. You like them a LOT don't want them to know—not just yet anyway. You want to be in that perfect little bubble of crush feels for a little while longer, and we get that. But while you're basking in that bliss, be sure that you're not also commiting any of these crush crimes...

1. Facebook stalking them
We know it is tempting, but don't search for them on social....or at least keep it minimal.

2. Planning out your future...with them in it
Since you aren't yet dating, we suggest not planning out your future with him. Imagining going to prom with them? That's...fine. But what your wedding would look like? Please don't.

3.  Waiting for them to text back
Waiting by the phone might seem like a harmless habit, but it's actually incredibly emotionally taxing. Here's something you already know: You have a life to live, and your crush's texts will be there when you get back. So go out and have fun without them, OK?

4. Taking social media quizzes about your relationship
Quizzes are fun—if you don't take them too seriously. You shouldn't use them to determine the future of your relationship. We know you're anxious to see how everything will unfold, but a quiz is not going to tell you that, only time will. Trust. 

5. Asking your friends to ask them questions
This is possibly the oldest trick in the book. If you're not able to ask your crush a simple Q, you're probably not ready to date them. So, don't have your friends seek out answers for you. Get up the courage to ask yourself instead. Plus: 

6. Asking their friends about them
Friends talk about everything—especially crushes. Your crush's friend will *for sure* tell them that you asked about them. Which may or may not work in your favor. 

7. Liking the things they like because they likes them
If you have mutual likes and dislikes, that is great. But don't like something simly because your crush likes it. You want your crush to like you for your *true* self, not for someone who is just faking it.

8. Running into them on purpose
Running into them on purpose might seem like a good idea. But again, what happens when he catches on? Here's how that would play out...
Them: "Aren't you supposed to be in the art wing?"
You: "Um... I am... But umm..." 
*awkward silence forever*

Instead of tracking their sched, purposefully chat them up during lunch or recess. That way you don't look, you know, kinda cray.

9. Talking about them non-stop
We;'re sure your friends, your mom, your grandma and the telemarketer that calls every night at dinner love that you have a new crush and they certainly want to hear about it—just not all the time. Make sure you are talking about and focusing on other things you like, too, like how your softball season is going, spring fling planning and more. 

10. Forgetting about the now
It easy—so very easy—to get caught up in day dreaming about your future lives together, but don't forget about what's happening around you. Make sure you are putting time and energy to your life RN—after all, all we have is the present.

What's your fave thing about your current crush? Share in the comments!

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by Alyshia Hull | 3/13/2019