10 things you should *stop* doing when you have a new crush

You are sooo into your new crush. You like him a LOT don't want him to know. Not just yet anyway. We get it: We have all been there and its *totally* okay. But when you have a new crush, there are 10 things you should never do. Just trust us, OK?

1. Facebook stalking him
We know it is tempting, but don't search for him on social—or at least keep it minimal.

2. Planning out your future...with him in it
When you aren't yet dating, we suggest not planning out your future with him. Your upcoming school dance is okay, but not your life together twenty years from now. (Trust, you will thank us for this later.)

3.  Waiting for him to text back
Waiting by the phone might seem like a harmless habit, but don't do it. You have a life to live, his texts will be there when you get back.

4. Taking social media quizzes about your relationship
Quizzes are fun, but don't use them to determine the future of your relationship. We know you want to see what will happen, but these won't tell you. (We very much promise.)

5. Asking your friends to ask him questions
This is an old trick, but don't have your friends seek out answers for you. He will catch onto this.

6. Asking his friends about him
He will certainly catch onto this one! Abort mission.

7. Liking the things he likes because he likes it
If you have mutual likes and dislikes, that is great. But don't like something because he likes it. You want your crush to like you for your *true* self, not for someone who is just faking it.

8. Running into him on purpose
Running into him on purpose might seem like a good idea. But again, what happens when he catches on? "Aren't you supposed to be in the science wing?" He might ask. "Um... I am... But umm..." You would answer. (Avoid this.)

9. Talking about him non-stop
I am sure your friends, mom, grandma and the telemarketer, love that you have a new crush. But make sure you are talking about other things too. 

10. Putting him above yourself
It easy—so very easy—to get caught up day dreaming about your future lives together, but don't forget about the present. Make sure you are thinking about yourself too.


by Alyshia Hull | 3/12/2018
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