Bae's offensive jokes aren't "no big deal." Here's why.

Casual cracks about a person's race, gender or identity can be harmful. Many people who make offensive jokes don't intend to offend anyone. However, making light of someone's hardships is harmful. Stereotypes and prejudice are belittling. No one deserves to feel less than adequate, regardless of who they are or where they come from. Read on for some tips on encouraging bae—or anyone else in your life—to stop laughing at the expense of others.

Acknowledge the issue.
Explain to your S.O. how their joke could be harmful. Don't try to make them feel bad or call them out in front of their friends. Instead, ask them if they knew how their joke makes others feel.

Provide an alternative perspective.
Tell them about times you have felt singled out or offended by a comment someone made. It will be easier for your beau to sympathize if they realize how close to home this issue is.

You can take a joke.
If bae responds by saying "It's just a joke," explain to them that it isn't. What may be a joke to your sweetie could hurt someone's feelings and embrace negative stereotypes.

Speak up.
Take your significant other aside to address the issues surrounding these types of jokes. They may not be aware of how much their words can affect others. Make sure they understand your point of view and keep an open mind.

How do you encourage others to be kind? Speak up on this issue in the comments! 


by Julia Bonney | 3/30/2018
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