Crushes. We all have them, but why? 

You catch his eye, and the butterflies in your stomach start fluttering. Your palms get sweaty and your heart beats faster. He’s coming to say hey, but when you try to talk you clam up. Ah, the tell tale signs of a crush. But what can you do? It’s natural.

When we evolved crushes were a form of survival, with humans’ main interest in who had the best resources and ability to survive. Luckily, it's moved on from there and has adjusted to traits and characteristics. Basically you might like a guy whose kind, has beautiful eyes, is get the picture. 

When we crush on people it’s because we’re looking for happiness that we find in other people. As teenagers, the hormones in our bodies are changing and the added dopamine, oxytocin, cortisol and adrenaline we feel will lead us to having crushes. It’s normal! 

Sometimes crushes end up being a form of idolization, with your mind projecting an idea of a perfect life with the dream SO. If this is true though, as you get closer and spend more time with your crush, the crushing feelings you had might fade as you fully realize who they really are. Basically, the longer you crush from afar the longer it might last. 

Now what about celebrity crushes? You may be crushing more on who you imagine the celeb to be rather than who they actually are. Dreaming of the life you would have with them is a form of crush based on idolization. Trust me we’re crushing on Harry Styles, too. 

Here’s something weird
We’re more likely to be attracted to people who are similar to us or have similar characteristics to our families! Often people develop crushes on people with similar personality traits and physical features because it’s what they’re used to and what they have grown up thinking is beautiful and attractive. Weird right? 

Crushes are a normal part of being a teen. So when those fluttering feelings happen know that they are there for a reason!

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by Margot Kohler | 6/6/2018
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