7 things you shouldn't change for a crush

It can be tough to admit, but having a crush can bring forth some feelings of insecurity. Does this person like me? Do they know I exist? And on and on. Some girls might be tempted to morph their interests or style to better match their crush. But changing who YOU are so someone else will notice you? Always a bad idea. Here are seven things that you should never, ever change for a crush.

Your hobbies
Your crush brain says: He hates reading, so I won’t tell him that I love books or read around him.
GL says: There’s no reason for me to stop doing what I love to impress anyone. Bring on the books! 

Your style
Crush brain: Her last girlfriend dressed sporty, so if I dress sporty, she’ll like me.
GL: My style is cute and it makes me happy. If a person likes my personality, my style won't matter.

Your study habits
Crush brain: He doesn’t get good grades, so he’ll relate to me more if I act like I'm not into school
GL: No one is not worth derailing my education and changing my study habits.

Your friends
Crush brain: They'll notice me more if we hang out with the same people.
GL: I love my friends, and I'm not going to ditch them for a crush.

Your taste in music
Crush brain: This person likes rap music, so I’ll switch the station every time they're around.
GL: It can be fun to explore new styles, but pretending you're someone else isn't the way to land in an honest relationship.

Your beliefs
Crush brain: It’s okay to do or say something against my morals if it's what they believe in.
GL: I need to be honest with my crush (and myself) and it’s okay to disagree on some things.

Your spending habits
Crush brain: He wants to go to an expensive restaurant, so I’ll scrounge up some savings to afford it.
GL: I will admit that it’s too pricey for me and suggest a cheaper restaurant. 

Have you ever wanted to change yourself for a crush? Let us know in the comments.


by Deanna Schwartz | 7/17/2018
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