This crush study guide is easy as ABC

Here’s a final you want to study for—about baes. Like Latin, they can be kinda tricky. But unlike an actual exam, there’s no perfect set of answers. Keep reading to decode everything you ever wanted to know about the one you’ve got your heart-eyes set on...

A: Adventurous
The best crushes aren’t afraid to take risks. We don’t mean something super scary or dangerous...but they aren’t afraid to go out on a limb a little. Whether they’re telling you how they feel or coming up with amaze dates, this cutie will keep you on your toes.

B: Busy
WE KNOW: They’re busy. But if that’s always an excuse, it might be better to find someone who’s a little more, um, free. Sure, some people have wacky schedules…and some just drop the busy bomb to avoid hurting your feelings.

C: Comforting
Your BFFs have the super supportive thing down pat: a million texts, a matcha run and venting until all hours. But the best crushes are just as kind. They may take a different tactic—bad jokes and LOL-worthy flicks come to mind—but they’ll def work to make you smile.

D: Distant
FACT: People tend to drift when they’re stressed out or feeling unsure, so there’s a good chance it has nothing to do with you. Give them a little space and see what happens.

E: Emotional
Your girls have no problem telling you everything, but it’s tough for some people to open up to a new GF or crush. Much like how a watched pot never boils, pestering them to share feelings won’t work—even if you’re just trying to be helpful. They’ll hopefully share when they’re ready. Until then, just be there.

F: Flirty
Instead of trying to decode their every smile, sweet remark or Snap, just have fun. The truth is, fretting over flirting is a waste of time—so don’t even bother. If you click, that’s cool. If not, well, now you’ve got a bud who’s quick-witted and a blast to be around.

G: Genuine
If you’re crushing on someone who is hiding behind a persona, you’ll never have a real relationship. Sometimes you need to look beyond who you *think* you should be coupled up with (think: Mr. Popular) to see the sweeties who are real, down-to-earth and truly confident.

H: Heartbroken
If your crush has been dumped recently, it’s probably a bad time to present yourself as their girl in shining armor. Give it time, be a good friend...and you just might be in the right place at the right time when they *finally* move past the past.

I: Interesting
Sure, he’s more adorbs than Harvey Kinkle. But if hearing him blather on about his upcoming solo photography show makes Dad’s soliloquy on stamp collecting seem thrilling, then he might not be your match. Couples don’t have to share all the same interests, but you do have to think theirs are interesting to make it work.

J: Jittery
No, they didn’t drink 10 cups of coffee, they’re just nervous—because of you. Tripping over words and fumbling with books are good signs. One way to bust insecurity? Stay laidback (think: unfancy dates and a mix of group + solo hang seshes). That should be all you both need to keep calm…and date on.

K: Kind
The good ones always do nice things, like lend you a pen when you show up inkless to English. But when they go above and beyond (like volunteering at the spring carnival you’re organizing or tossing you compliments on your haircut or new dress), they could be crushing, too.

L: Love
Even if you’re thinking it in your head, most people don’t utter the “L” word lightly—and neither should you. Even if your beau doesn’t drop I and Love and You, they’re probably still super happy you two are a duo. We say...don’t rush it. Really.

M: Mystery
Between Insta stories, Snapchat, TikTok and all the other options, there are about 65,000 ways to track the object of your affection. Resist the urge to reach out 24/7—and expect the same in return. That way, next time you hang, you’ll actually have something to talk about.

N: Natural
Relationships shouldn’t feel forced. If it feels like you and your BF or GF are struggling extra hard to make something work, it might mean you two aren’t the best fit. And, hey, that’s fine. There are tons of other cuties in the caf, so take a good look around.

O: Overconfident
There *is* such a thing as too much confidence. If you find yourself thinking things like, “Yes, you told me how you caught that pass…12 times,” then you might be crushing on someone with an inflated ego. And that can get real old, real fast. Bo-ring.

P: Possessive 
Your +1 is v. into hanging with you, which can be cool...unless they want to spend every moment with you, text constantly and don’t like it when you chill with other friends. Tell them you need some space and, if that doesn’t work, break up. This kind of behavior is bad news and doesn’t get better—trust.

Q: Quiet
The shy ones are often the biggest sweeties, but it can sometimes be hard to know what’s going on in that noggin. If you’re crushing on one, do your best to keep your eye on their actions. They’ll likely hint at true feelings through the sweet things they do, even if they aren’t blaring their innermost emotions over the loudspeaker.

R: Reliable 
They show up when they’re supposed to, can be counted on for a pick-me-up and never cancel on plans. Ahh, these are the ones who are loyal through and through. Yay!

S: Sarcastic
Some people hide how they’re really feeling through humor? What? No way! The trick is to not take everything they say super seriously. Odds are, they’re joking around because they like you. Feel free to dish it back.

T: Trustworthy
Trust is über important in any relationship, so make sure your bond with your BF or GF is on solid ground before sharing any personal stuff. And take it from us—if you can’t trust them with your secrets, you won’t be able to trust them with your heart.

U: Unaware
You think you’re dropping tons of signals to your crush, but they’re not catching on. What gives? Stop waiting around for them to make a move. A simple “Hey, want to hang out this weekend?” works wonders.

V: Vague
Sometimes it can seem like crushes speak another language. They might utter, “You’re cool,” but what does that mean? Instead of popping their words into Google Translator, be direct. Once they see you can be upfront, everything else might snap into place.

W: Wild Child
Adventurous is awesome (see “A”), but some people like to push the envelope from “This could be fun!” to “This is just stupid and unsafe.” It’s not worth risking major trouble to keep up with a seriously OOC crush.

X: X-Factor
Exes are cute. And fun. And you two clicked...past tense. Your ex is your ex for a reason, no matter what they try to tell you. Remember this: A recycled relationship rarely works.

Y: Young
“Ugh! Boys are so immature,” said every girl ever. Girls grow up faster, so feel free to cut guys some occasional slack—though you don’t have to sit through daily burping contests.

Z: Zany
One of the best parts of getting to know a crush is finding out how fun and random they are. If you’re a perfectionist planner, make a point to go along with a couple of your crush’s kooky ideas. Spontaneity is part of the fun of dating!


by GL | 5/13/2019