What to do when your crush only likes you when you're taken

When you're single, having your crush confess their love to you is a dream come true. But how do you handle it if they only express interest in you when you're eyeing someone else?

Here's the sitch: You confessed your feelings to a cutie—and they barely blinked. Le sigh. Then you hit it off with a totally new person—and *now* your original crush is suddenly into you. Argh!

How to fix it: Think before you break out that kissyface emoji. “Your instinct may be to back away from your new crush and jump into the arms of the cutie you originally liked,” says relationship pro Brooke Carsner. But ponder what’s already right in front of you: Is your current fling kind? Do you two have a ton of fun and lots in common? Do you have feelings for each other? If so, “Continue to explore if there is long-term potential,” says Carsner. “Let your original crush know you’re flattered, but it wouldn’t be fair to ditch your current S.O.” And, hey, if nothing else, take it as a compliment that you were the object of two cuties’ affections!

How do you deal with a flaky crush? Sound off in the comments.


by GL | 5/21/2019