5 sneaky ways to get your crush to notice you FAST

School has been back in session for a few weeks now, and we bet there's that *one* guy in your class who makes you feel like a walking heart-eye emoji. So, how do you make sure he knows you exist? Here are some sneaky, no-stress starters:

1. Sit next to him

Ok, so maybe you're not in control of that in the classroom because of assigned seating, but try this cafeteria hack: Notice where your crush sits in the lunchroom, then get to lunch early the following day and sit in the vicinity of his table. Chances are he'll go back to that same spot and there you'll be! It won't look obvious because *technically* you were there before he was. 

2. Ask him a simple Q

The thought of talking to your crush might freak you out, but if you ask him one  small, harmless Q each day, you'll feel more and more comfortable. Ask him the date, what page the teacher is on, etc. By this time next week, you'll be buds!

3. Walk by his locker 

Admit it: You know *exactly* where it is. Cruise by there after the final bell (bring a friend with you for support!), and when you bump into your crush, look him in the eye and smile. 

4. Ask for the homework

If you start with, "Hey, you're in my [history/math/lit] class, right?" you'll sound just unsure enough to throw him off. 

5. Join the club 

Since you already like him, chances are you two have things in common, Pull out the yearbook from last year, scope out the clubs he was in, and, if you're *truly* interested in any of them, join! You'll be exploring one of your cool interests, and spending time with your crush will be an added bonus.


by Jacqueline F. | 9/11/2019