5 Pinterest-inspired social distancing date ideas


Sick and tired of spending date night over Zoom? Here are 5 Pinterest-inspired date ideas that you and your boo can enjoy...while still being safe.  

Pack a picnic and go on a hike


There's nothing better than a good old fashioned picnic with sandwiches and a woven basket. To spice things up you and bae can add in a hike so you have a beautiful view to gaze at while eating. 

DIY a restaurant in your own backyard 


Scared to sit inside a restaurant? Don't worry, it's cuter and more romantic to DIY your own anyways. All you need are two cozy chairs, a blanket and some twinkle lights for the *perfect* night. 

Set up a drive-in movie for two


Just because you can't go out to dinner and a movie doesn't mean you can't bring dinner and a movie to you! All you've got to do is set up a sheet with some lights and you'll have a perfect setup for the rest of the evening. 

Bike ride followed by ice cream


Let's be real, the best kind of date always ends with ice cream. Especially after a strenuous bike ride with your sweetheart! 

Campfire with s'mores

There's nothing cuter than cuddling by the campfire and roasting marshmallows. Campfires are always a great way to get more comfortable with your date—it's the perfect environment for deep conversations, ghost stories and (obvi) delish snacks (bc food is the best conversation starter).

Which socially distanced date idea do you love the most? Let us know on Twitter @girlslifemag! 


by Hayley Miller | 10/9/2020