How to overcome first date anxiety

So you’ve snagged a hangout with the cutie you’ve been eyeing for months, but now what? Even the butterflies in your stomach have butterflies in *their* stomachs! How can you chill out around this person?

Of course, a little bit of nervousness is OK—it’s a good sign! It means you found someone you are interested in! Here are some tips for when you’re around your crush and start getting anxious.


Hang out in groups

If you can, allow the first couple of meetings to be in group settings, or at least be somewhere a little more crowded. Consider bringing your BFFS along, who will bring out your fun side. This will help to ease your anxiety and allow you to focus on other things besides holding a conversation with your crush. 

What you wear matters

Wear what will make you feel like your *best* self.  If you’re feeling yourself, dressing up a bit may make you feel more confident and catch your crush’s eye. Or you may find it easier to be yourself when you wear more casual, comfortable clothes. Dress cute if it makes you feel better, but stick to what you feel best in when you’re nervous.

Pretend you aren’t crushing

If you don’t think about your feelings around your crush, you’ll find it easier to be yourself. Instead, focus on the conversation and what’s around you. Pretend you’re with a friend or a stranger. Play it cool in your head and you may find it easier to not *freak* out on the outside.

Give yourself a pep talk

Give yourself a pep talk before you hang out with them. Remind yourself that you are beautiful in and out and anyone would be lucky to be with you! Remember you aren’t just trying to get your crush to like you, they should be trying to impress you as well. Remind yourself about all your *amazing* qualities before and even during the date and you’ll feel less nervous. Knowing you're in your corner is a great way to stay centered.

Remember they’re like you

No matter how cute or alluring your crush is, they are still another flawed human being—just like you. They get nervous, awkward and twitchy as well. Even if you’ve built them up in your head, it’s important to remember they’re still human. This person makes mistakes too and you shouldn’t feel too intimidated, no matter how attractive you find them.

Be yourself

The most important rule, as always, is to be yourself. Never try to pretend you’re interested in something you’re not or lie about yourself. You don’t need to be anyone else and you don’t need to exaggerate to get attention. The right person will accept you as you are and love you for all that you are. People are most attracted to confidence so if you’re not afraid to be yourself people will take notice. So take a deep breath and be true to you.

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by Grace Hasson | 10/10/2020