First-Time GF

On Valentine's day, my good guy friend Drew asked me out! Yeah! I do like him, so I said yes. He's the sweetest guy I've ever known and I'm so happy! But the thing is, I've never had a BF. We were good friends before, and we still are (duh) but I can't help feeling awkward now that we are 'going out'.


I'm so scared of saying or doing the wrong thing! I really like and care about him, and I want this relationship to work out, but I'm a little confused on like, what to DO now that I have a BF (I feel weird tying that...I'm just not used to it!) I would really love some advice on how to act. Or at least some moral support to make this feel less awkward. I really trust him but I can't get over my nerves!


Pretty 'n Pink
aka slightly terrorified 1st time gf!

P.S. I'm 14 and a freshman in high school, so its not like a little he-likes-she-likes thing...ya know?'

Pretty ‘n Pink,

Hola chiquita! Isn’t it funny how your doing fine and minding your own business until you are bestowed the title of a GF? Now you're checking your breath every five seconds and dissecting your every move.

How to act? Girl, you’re obviously doing something right because you’ve got your sweetie on your arm. Stop dwelling on trying to live up to the stupid title of a “girlfriend”. You don’t have to DO anything. Just keep being how you were when you were friends, minus the flirtations with other boys that is. That’s what got you him in the first place, why change something that works?

Moral support? We got you, girl. All of us have been in your situation and completely feel for you. Your feelings are absolutely normal. We all know the embarrassing moments and paranoia that comes with the first boyfriend. Honestly, it’s not just the first, but I’m sorry to tell you that with every new boyfriend you start to date, you’ll most likely be feeling this way. But isn’t that half the fun in dating?

Don’t sweat it so much. The butterflies will die down and you’ll get the hang of it. Just let things come naturally. Don’t over analyze, it’ll just drive you crazy and you’ll miss out on all the fun times with your new cutie.

Hugs and Congrats,
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2/23/2009 7:00:00 AM