Can A Player Change His Ways?

This boy who was a friend of mine asked me out. I really like him but I don't know if I should go out with him. He is known for his player ways. Once he dated 6 girls at one time! He told me he would change but I'm not to sure. He's been like that for 2 years!!! What should I do? Should I go out with him or not?
-Lonely and Lovestruck'
Hey girlie!
This is a tough thing to figure out because you are actually into the guy. If you didn’t like him very much, I would tell you ditch this dude.
However, since you seem to be crushin' on this player, I think you should talk to him, and see exactly how sincere he really seems to be. If he can look you in the eye and tell you and only wants to be with you, I say give the man a shot!
BUT (yup, there's a big ol' BUT with the one) if you think that you will be constantly worrying about whether or not he is cheating on you, I don't think you can date him. You need to be happy and comfortable in a relationship- dating is supposed to make you happy! So, if it starts making you stressed, or you think you would be doing nothing but stressing, steer clear of this crush! No man is worth your mental health!

Hope this helps, chickie! Good luck with everything!!!

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3/2/2009 7:00:00 AM