Copy Cat or Crushin'?

All my friends have or had bf’s and now I kind of want one too, but I don’t want them to think I’m copying them. I’m only 13 but I do really like this one boy. My mom said I can go out with a boy if it’s not an alone date (actually I wouldn’t go out on dates at all). But I really like him and i think he might like me. What should I do?



Ciao babe. You are so funny and too cute. You are sooo not copying your friends. What would even make you think of such a thing? Please, your friends did not discover the concept of dating. So why would you ever think that your friends would think you are copying them because you want a boy toy? It’s only normal and natural to want one. Trust me, your gal pals will totally be on board with you if you found someone to share the love with.

It’s awesome that you found someone that you like. That’s half the battle in getting a BF. So what’s holding you back? Your mom’s given you the green light and your friends would be nothing more than supportive, so go for it! But if your unsure about how he feels, don’t jump the gun and head in full speed. Get to know him better and start a friendship with him first. This might give you some insight into how he feels about you. Don’t forget to drop some hints to let him know where you stand too. If all else fails, just come right out and tell him how you feel. Caution: This may lead to some heartache if he’s just not feelin’ it. But better you know now than later after you’ve invested too much of your precious time into this feller.

Good Luck,


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3/9/2009 7:00:00 AM