Where the Boys Are

Looking to find love this summer?

Miley isn’t the only lucky gal worthy of a summer romance. You can have a season full of hot guys and swoon-worthy dates, too. Here’s the scoop on where to find the cutest boys this summer. Sorry, ladies, Liam Hems- worth is not included.

Cruising at the beach. This place is full of hotties working on their tans, showing off their surfboards and perfecting their volleyball serves.

Start up a game of Frisbee with your girls and “accidentally-on-purpose” throw it toward the Taylor Lautner-look-alike. It’s a fun and easy way to strike up a convo. And when you all get hungry—and you know you will—you can take a trip to the boardwalk for some bonding.

Chilling at the park. The weather is gorge and everybody’s outdoors—including your crush from homeroom. Challenge him and his friends to a basketball game against you and your girls. Losers have to buy winners lunch.

After the game, ask your crush for some pointers on how to perfect your layups. Or, if you’re a b-ball star, impress him with your best moves. You’ll have him hooked in no time.

Guy next door. Sometimes you don’t have to look much farther than your backyard—literally. Host a pool party/backyard BBQ and invite that neighbor you’ve been checking out since he moved in next door.

Ask him where he’s from and offer to show him around town one weekend. He’ll be grateful for your kindness and stoked at the opp to make friends. Be sure to put on your prettiest sundress and smile to make a fantabulous first impression.

Snacking at the mall. When it gets too hot and humid outside, cuties flock to the mall to chillax. Since guys love to eat, chances are the fellas are prob at the food court, which has prime hottie watching potential.

When you find one you want to meet, try walking over to him with your camera saying, “My friends dared me to take a picture with the cutest guy in here. You win.” He’ll be super flattered and impressed with your bold personality.

Swimming at summer camp. You’ve already got something in common—you’re stuck at the same place for the same amount of time every day. Whether you’re at day camp or a sleep-away camp, there are bound to be crush-worthy guys at every corner.

Having some trouble with your canoe? Ask the cute junior camp counselor for help. He’ll jump at the chance to show off his stellar outdoor skills. Need some advice on your skit for drama camp? Word has it your summer crush is an awesome male lead!

More guy hot spots:
Baseball games or any sporting events
Theme parks and carnivals
Mini-golf, batting cages and Go Karts


by L’Oreal Thompson | 2/1/2016
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