How to ask that cutie to the school dance

What is the best way to ask a boy to the school dance? I really like this boy, and I think he likes me back, but right now we're just friends. How do you think I should ask him?

His Answer: Dylan, 15, says, “Just ask him straight to his face, and don’t try to find some sneaky way to do it. Be bold and upfront about it.”

Decoded: Make the daring move and just do it! Don’t tiptoe around it and try to find a cutesy way. Guys get embarrassed easily, so make it low-key and heartfelt, he will appreciate it much more. 

Your Move: Catch him after school or on a weekend and just pop the question. Don’t get to jittery, 'cause once he sees the cute look on your face and hears the question, he will be crazy not say yes. Then you can start fantasizing about how adorable you two will look dancing all night -- not to mention how glamorous you will look in your dress!

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by Ana D’Ambrogi | 2/1/2016