10 no-fail prom convo starters

Things can quickly get awkward at the prom when the conversation runs dry between you and your date. To avoid the uncomfortable silence, here are a few convo starters you can use to keep your cutie chatting all night long.
1. “How did you do on the test?” Asking questions about classes will show your interest in how he is doing in school and can spark more convos about teachers and other assignments.
2. “What shows do you watch?” Everyone has a OMG-love-it T.V. show and even if you haven’t seen his favorite show you can use that as an opportunity to ask him to fill in the deets. At least half an hour can be spent talking about the background and characters on a show.
3. “Have you heard the new (artist’s name) song?” Music is the most universal human connecter in the world. You guys can talk about how much you both love the hottest new hit. If he isn’t into the same tunes as you, this gives you the opportunity to ask more about the music he does likes.
4. “What’s your fave food?” Now this might sound like a silly thing to ask someone, but as we get older our taste pallets expand and we start to love all kinds of new foods. Talk about what you love or hate to eat, or even the best grub spot in town.
5. “Do you have any pets?” There are very few things people love more than their pets (case in point: YouTube vids). Our presh pets always have funny quirks, which often make for really cute stories.
6. “What do you think you will want to study in college?” Most upperclassmen have this question on their minds. If college is too far away, you can always ask if he’s doing any sports next year.
7. “What are your plans for the summer?” With the end of the school year just around the corner, this is a go-to question. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to make plans to hang out over vacay.
8. “Did you hear about any after-parties?” This is a good way to talk about all of the different get-togethers going on after the dance and deciding which one would be best for you both. This also makes it quite clear to your date that you wanna keep spending time with him.
9. “I really like her dress. What do you think?” Everyone will look awesome so there will be so much to say. Don’t feel like you are limited to talking about dresses either. Make him feel more comfortable by commenting on guys’ outfits too.
10. "Let's get our picture taken.” Most party-goers get their pictures taken at the dance, but the line is always so long when you first get there. Wait for the line to go down some and save it for when things get quiet between the two of you. Keep the chatter going with bringing up goofy childhood pics or photography.
I hope these conversation starters help to keep the chitchat flowing between you and your date. Remember to have fun, don’t get stressed out, and boogie the night away. Your prom night will be awesome!

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by Amanda Poole | 2/1/2016