6 cute texts he loves from Y-O-U

We all know that boys have the power to make us smile at our phones, and we’ve all been the person that bears the third-degree from the ‘rents because of it, but what about the boys? What gets them melting into a pile of goo? Here’s what they’ve got to say about it...


“One time my crush knew I was about to play in a big game, so she texted me saying ‘Good-luck! I’ll be watching from the stands!’ It let me know she was thinking about me and I was excited to get out there and try to impress her!” Jack, 16


So boys love a little ego boost? Gotcha. Easy enough!


“Whenever a girl texts me about why she likes me I can’t help but smile. It makes me feel awesome; talk about a confidence booster!” Bennett, 14


I think this is true for both guys and gals; you gotta love hearing why you’re loved!


“At school one day I was talking about my favorite movie, then after school my crush texted me a quote from that movie. I love that she noticed that small detail about me.” Zack, 15


Think details; it can’t hurt to notice the way your crush flips his hair or always holds the door open for the teacher—it’s the little things that show how much you pay attention.


“I had been crushing on this girl forever, but she wasn’t really showing much interest. Then one day I received a text from her that said: ‘I saw you today in study hall, how come you didn’t wave back?’ I know it wasn’t much but just knowing that she was trying to get my attention was so awesome.” Joe, 16


Guys love girls that take initiative. Sure, it’s nice to wait around for him to make the move, but sometimes you’ve just gotta throw your inhibitions to the wind and go for it!


“I was lab partners with this girl once and instead of just asking me to do the questions for homework, she shot me a text that read: “Hey lazy bones, I can’t pull our weight forever you’ve gotta help out some. Wanna work on the questions together? (:’ It’s flirty texts like that that put the hugest smile on my face.” Adam, 14


You can be totally cute and still let him know you mean business. Plus working on things together gives you tons of extra time to get to know each other better.


“My crush and I were texting about homecoming, and I kept hinting that I wanted to ask her, but I didn’t want to make it too obvious. Then out of nowhere she just says ‘If you don’t ask me I’m going to have to end up going with my dog.’ It was hilarious and adorable at the same time, plus she made the awkwardness of not knowing whether she wanted me to ask her disappear.” Chris, 15


We all do this; we walk around on tiptoes with subjects we’re afraid to discuss with our crush. Try just going for it! Guys love when you solve the awkwardness so they don’t have to.

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by Alexis Gavrelis | 2/1/2016