Ask Cliff: What does "I love you" really mean?


Alright girls, it's officially my last day interning at GL, meaning that this will be my final Ask Cliff column. I have to say—it's been quite the ride. I hope you've enjoyed reading my posts as much as I've enjoyed writing them. I was a little nervous to work at a girls' magazine, but interning at GL has taught me A LOT. I hope my advice has been helpful...and now, I'm going to leave you with three final Qs. Read on! 


Do guys really mean it when they say they love you?

The words “I love you” are arguably the three most nerve-wracking words in the dictionary to hear or say. It can be hard, though, to know whether or not the person saying it means it. I think this comes down to how well you know that person. It can take a lot to say those words, so hopefully it's real. If someone is saying it and doesn’t mean it, it could be because they simply don’t know what love is—NOT because they're just saying it to make you happy. It's also important to remember that “I love you” can mean different things. Maybe he doesn’t love you in the way a boyfriend loves his girlfriend, but more in the way someone loves his or her best friend. Regardless, “I love you” still means there is true care for the person hearing it. 


I have liked this boy for two years and I feel like I shouldn't give up or I'll lose my second chance. What does his “yes, but not right now" mean?

“Yes, but not right now,” is simply something said to keep doors open. In most cases, it could just mean that he is not ready to get serious, but still wants to keep the option open for the future. It's not necessarily a bad thing, as it means that he clearly sees something there between the two of you, but just doesn’t see it clearly enough at that particular moment. It's up to you if you want to wait for him. 


My boyfriend and I get very nervous around each other. It is probably since he was my BGF. How do I make it less awkward between us?

STOP being awkward! Look, there is no reason to be nervous. You two are dating each other, not facing off against each other in the annual Hunger Games. To get to the point of dating, you guys were clearly comfortable enough to be good friends before you entered into that relationship with one another. There’s no reason to act any differently than how you did before when you both liked each other, but hadn't admitted it. Essentially, a couple really is just a friendship with different feelings. So don’t change how you act and what you two do just because there is a relationship now. Remember to have the same fun you did before you were dating and everything will be great. 


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by Cliff L. | 2/1/2016
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