*Fall* in love with these 7 sweet date ideas

Walking along in leggings and an oversized chunky-knit sweater, new boots crunching over orange and red leaves...what could be better? We'll tell you what. Having that cutie you've been crushing on by your side. Spring gets a lot of hype, but fall is *really* the most romantic season—and these so-sweet seasonal dates prove it. Grab your fave guy or girl and go for it!
P.S. You can totally do this with your BFF or BGF, too!  

1. Make candy apples.

Cooking together is a fun (and yummy) way to get creative together. Grab some Granny Smiths, caramel and sticks and you're good to go.

2. Go to your school's football game.

Whether you both love sports or just hanging out with friends, there's no better place to bond than the big game. Show off your school pride and snuggle up. And if he or she is on the field, show your support with a fun and flirty poster. So cute!


3. Plan a group bonfire.

A big bonfire is an easy way to take the pressure off of spending solo time with your sweetie. Now's the perfect time to show off how sweet your s'more making skills are...and maybe sneak a smooch or two.

4. Take a hike.  

The leaves are changing, the weather is there a more perfect time to hit that trail you've been eying?  Invite your bae along for some fall fun before it gets too cold. Amp it up by packing a picnic—you'll get the sandwiches if they bring dessert.

5. Go to a pumpkin patch.

Nothing screams fall more than picking pumpkins. See who can find the biggest one in the patch, then invite him or her over for a carving party for two.

6. See a scary movie. 

We know, we know. It's a little cheesy. But it's not the classic snuggle-up excuse for no reason...

7. Go to a haunted house. 

Whether they're seriously scary or just kind of silly, haunted houses are super fun. See who can make it through without screaming—loser buys the cider afterward.



What's your favorite fall date? Will you ask your crush out this season? Let us know below!  


by Maddie Howard | 2/1/2016
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