GIRL TALK: Double Crush

I have liked this one guy all year, but now that it is summer, I think about him less and less. But I know I still like him! I just got back from camp and I met this guy who is just like me! We like the same music, we are both athletic, we both have glasses, we both do the same sports, and he is really funny! He also gets who I really am! The problem: He's younger than me. But just by one year! Plus I just can't decide which one! So now I feel like a bad person, but I don't know why! Please help!

-Double-Crushing Girl

Crushes are awesome. They are sometimes better than actually dating someone. I think you need to spend time with this new guy though. Finding people that have really similar tastes is not a common thing, so when you DO find a guy that likes what you like, hold onto him. You will have TONS to talk about and plenty of things to do together.  I think the most important thing that you just told me is that he “gets you.” You don’t have to change for this guy, he likes you just the away you are and THAT is priceless.  You are going to have a lot of moments in your life when you feel like you need to be a certain person to impress someone, moments when you doubt yourself and the kind of person you are. This guy will take you for all that you are and I think you should give him a chance.
I also think you should listen to your heart. When you like someone, you should think about them all the time regardless of when you last saw them. The fact that you are thinking about your main crush less and less indicates that yes, you found him attractive, but your heart really isn’t into it. Use this summer as you chance to meet new people and experience new things. If you go back into the year and you like him again see if it can go somewhere, but in the meantime it makes no sense to miss out on a potentially perfect guy just because you’ve been crushing on another one for a year. Not to mention the fact that if after one year of liking this guy, NOTHING has happened, I am not sure spending a summer crushing on him will help your cause. Don’t feel like a bad person and don’t think you need to choose, just focus on getting to know this guy and in the end your heart will choose for you.

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by GL | 2/1/2016
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