How to not ditch your BFFs for your boo


Everyone knows that girl who goes AWOL whenever she finds a cutie—and chances are if you don’t know her, she's you. It’s understandable to want to spend time with your new bae, but don’t forget the besties who have been there for you all along!

It’s easy to want to spend all your free time with your BF or GF, especially at the start of a relationship. It’s also easy for your friends to get upset with you for doing this. Make sure to eat lunch with your girls some days, and make time for them after school. You might be in the honeymoon phase, but that's no reason to abandon your friends, even if you don’t mean to.

Organize something to do with your BFFs, your boo and their pals. That way you can all hang out together. After all, your girls won’t be so annoyed by you wanting to hang out with your BF/GF all the time once they see how great they are. But no matter what, don’t make your friends feel like the third wheels—if you’re going to hang out together, actually hang out together. If you only pay attention to your new guy or gal, you're sending the message that your relationship is more important than your buds.

Having BFFs and a BF or GF can sometimes be a balancing act, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Make sure to not only make time for your friends and your date, but also yourself. Have brunch with your besties, catch a flick with the cutie, but then have a relaxing evening for yourself. Don’t wear yourself out trying to make everyone else happy.

Just remember to treat your friends how you want to be treated. After all, they’ll always be there for you.

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by Maria Graham | 3/10/2018
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