How to deal when your date is the nervous one

We're all familiar with first date nerves and how to get rid of them. But what about when you're not the one who's nervous? Say your date is the one with the sweaty palms and shaky hands. What do you do then? Here are six ways help calm your sweetie's nerves on a date...

1. Try to make them as comfortable as possible. Start by acknowledging the fact that you're both nervous. Even if you're not nervous, saying you are will level the playing field and make them feel a lot better.

2. Ask them questions that don't require too much thought. If they're already nervous, inquiring about tough, hard-hitting topics isn't going to make it better.

3. Go to the bathroom at least once. This will give them some time to collect their thoughts and text their friends.

4. Tell a cheesy joke to lighten the mood and zap some of that tension away. Laughter is truly the best medicine!

5. Get them talking about something they're passionate about. They'll be less nervous when they have a story to tell and are eager to impress you.

6. If they're really closing themselves off, give them a break from trying to make conversation and start talking about one of your passions.

7. If you're at a restaurant, ask them questions about what's on the menu. Who doesn't love talking about food?!

8. If all else fails, give them an easy smile with kind eyes. This will remind them that you two are together because you like each other and you want to have a good time, and that there's no pressure at all.

How do you deal when you're nervous, or when your date is the one with the jitters?


by Deanna Schwartz | 6/2/2018
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